Something Terrible
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  • I gave you the knife that stabbed me in the chest. 

  • Karma gets everyone eventually. Or is it just Death. 

  • I used to wish and pray with every eyelash, with every 11:11 on the clock, that you and I would be happily together forever. But you’re gone, and everything is numb now. I only wish for a feeling. 

  • I think you were my only reason for sticking around. The rest of the world was just so. Colorless. And with you around, I could see what everyone was talking about. But a person can’t cure this disease. 

  • I knew from the moment you walked into the classroom in tenth grade. Nobody can be the most stunning person ever in one’s eyes without being the person that’s going to destroy them. It’s just the type person you are. You don’t love, you don’t care. All you ever wanted was a warm body, and I foolishly agreed to be your warm body. Twice. I’ve finally realized that, and though I love you with all my heart, I know your love has never even reached your heart. I’ve hoped and prayed for so long that you’d love me, but I know it will never happen. It tears me apart, but I know that someday, you will love as I have loved. And all they’ll have wanted is a warm body.